I am a husband of one, a father of boys, and a member of the catholic body of Christ.

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    I made a StackExchange account purely to send you a message, only to find that there is no medium present to do so without “reputation”. But then I found your blog and I have to say something to you!

    I LOVED YOUR ANALYSIS OF “Is there a connection between 666 and Solomon?” on Christian Stack Exchange SO MUCH!!!!!!! For so many hours today I have been sprinting around the web trying to find a satisfactory answer to the Mark of the Beast. I looked at Matthew Henry’s commentary. I looked John Gill’s. I looked at occult websites, subreddits, wikipedia, CARM, EVERYTHING. It did not suffice me to believe it was only a symbol for Nero(n). Not even because certain scholars claim Revelation to be written after his death, but because I cannot hold that something as powerful as the Bible and as dense as Revelation would speak ONLY to a preterist viewpoint. It simply did not make sense to me. There must be more, a deeper meaning. Why would these Christians need to hide the name Nero or ___ when they are otherwise so intent toward martyrdom and truth? Christ may as well have hid the name of His Godliness.

    I think you solved this riddle of Revelation. “All of this comes together in the name and number of the man – 666. This sums up man in his fallen state. The number carries with it the fallen glory of Solomon, his degraded wisdom, his failure to follow the word of God, his abuse of power, and his allowing himself to be turned aside to the worship of impotent gods.” This makes sense even WITHOUT the context of the perfectness of 7 within Christian paradigm (God’s rest on the seventh deal, the 7th seal bringing Silence and Completion), and the Seventh Angel sounding, and the voices “saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.” You have the 7 angels sounding, the 7 spiritual figures, the 7 bowls in contrast to the anti-Christ-ical 666, the corrupted knowledge which ruins the world (and isn’t it ruining it now?).

    So great. Thanks again. So much to read…


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